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Heat Transfer Solutions Specialists

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InnoTherm has years of experience providing engineered cooling systems for On-Highway applications, including road trains, trucks and buses which operate in some of the highest ambient temperatures and rugged conditions on the planet.


Whether it be an armoured personnel carrier operating in the sands of Iraq or a tank in the wetlands of Northern Australia, thermal performance, longevity and reliability are the trademarks of InnoTherm.


Whether it is a main line locomotive or a DMU rail car, InnoTherm has extensive experience in the customisation of cooling solutions for diesel powered rail equipment.


Industrial cooling solutions for stationary diesel engines. Diverse applications ranging from pumps, quarry equipment, compressors and heat recovery systems. InnoTherm has the experience that counts.

Simpler than ever

Power Generation.

From standby to prime power in environments as diverse as the Pacific islands to out-back Australia, InnoTherm has been there.


From the trash laden environment of cane harvesting to specialised timber-getting equipment, InnoTherm offers a wide range of solutions for agricultural applications.

Materials Handling.

From massive container handling cranes in the corrosive environments of the world’s busiest sea ports, to mobile construction cranes working on remote mine sites, InnoTherm has the experience.


InnoTherm’s experience extends to some of the toughest mining environments in the world. From the high temperatures and corrosive humidity deep underground to the some of the highest altitudes in the world, InnoTherm has been there.